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Three global networks - BioGaia - Årsredovisning 2016
Under BioGaia’s umbrella there are networks with suppliers, partners and researchers.

Flexible business model with three global networks

Business model the key to ongoing expansion

Thanks to a successful business model, BioGaia has been able to grow globally with a lean, efficient and agile organization. The business model will also be a key enabler for BioGaia’s ongoing expansion.


Research network

In the research area BioGaia collaborates with more than 50 research institutions and clinics worldwide. Many of the researchers are among the foremost in their fields. Some of these collaborations have been underway since BioGaia was founded, while others are new.

Production network

The products are manufactured and packaged at six different facilities in Europe and the USA. Through close and long-term collaboration, it is possible to continuously optimize production and logistics. The suppliers – above all the subsidiary TwoPac – are also important partners for product development, both in creating new products and enhancing existing ones.

Distribution network

The distribution network consists of around 60 partners with sales in some 90 countries. Most of these companies have sales representatives who visit doctors and other healthcare professionals. By informing them about the published results of clinical studies, the representatives create interest, knowledge and confidence among doctors who then recommend the products to their patients, who in turn buy the products in pharmacies and similar sales outlets.


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