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Organization - BioGaia - Årsredovisning 2016


New organization equipped for growth

BioGaia has grown steadily over the past years and the plan is to continue on this trajectory. In 2016 a new organization was introduced to both meet the current challenges and seize future opportunities. 

The most important task of the HR department is to adapt the company’s operations to future needs while at the same time safeguarding BioGaia’s status as an attractive employer. These efforts are focused on both attracting new talents and retaining the right expertise.
     “At the moment we are in the process of creating a platform for further growth based on the current organization. As part of our sustainability work, we are also adapting our priorities according to the existing legal requirements in areas like equality, diversity
and the working environment”, says Helen Olsson, Vice President Human Resources at BioGaia.

Number of employees

109 employees, of whom 40 in Stockholm, 31 in Lund, 28 in Eslöv, nine in Japan, one in the USA.

Average term of service

7 years (BioGaia AB).

Average age

45 years (BioGaia AB).


TwoPac (TwoPac AB, Two Pac Lab, Two Pac Machine), BioGaia Japan, CapAble, BioGaia Biologics Inc.

BioGaia year