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Germany - BioGaia - Årsredovisning 2016

Marketing and sales


Partner: InfectoPharm
Population: 80 million
Births per year: 680,000
Maturity level: Significant market that is still growing
Products: BiGaia Tropfen, BiGaia Vitamin D3, BiGaia Kautabletten (launched in 2017)

Germany is a “prescription market” when it comes to children. The majority of products are ­classified as pharmaceuticals, are prescribed by ­doctors and are subsidized by healthcare insurance. The colic market is dominated by several different drugs containing simethicone and a few products with cumin.
     InfectoPharm, with its subsidiary Pädia, is Germany’s leading pharmaceutical company in the pediatric area. They have a large portfolio with ­successful products in nearly all pediatric indications. The business model is based on direct contact with doctors through a large number of local seminars. Twice a year, they also host symposia that gather more than 3,000 participants. They have no sales force but work with direct marketing.
     The subsidiary Pädia took over marketing of ­BioGaia products at the end of 2015. Pädia is also an umbrella brand for InfectoPharm’s OTC drugs and products. 
     Despite tough competition, BiGaia Tropfen has secured a position as one of the leading colic products on the market. In 2017, BiGaia tablets will be launched. 

BioGaia year