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Brazil - BioGaia - Årsredovisning 2016

Marketing and sales


Partner: Aché
Population: 200 million
Births per year: 3 million
Maturity level: Probiotics are relatively well known as an effective treatment for diarrhea, but are unknown in other areas of use.
Products: Colikids, ProVance

Brazil is Latin America’s largest probiotics market, worth close to SEK 900 million, and there are around 30 different products (dietary supplements and pharmaceuticals), all with a primary focus on diarrhoea. Eleven new products were launched in 2016 and the market is showing double-digit growth.
     The use of probiotics for other digestive problems, such as infantile colic, constipation and stomach pain, has been relatively unknown until now. Since the launch of BioGaia’s products just over two years ago, Aché is working to expand the market with these “new” indications. Both Colikids and ProVance are among the three most widely prescribed products in their respective areas of use.
     The regulatory situation in Brazil has led to delays of the launches of several BioGaia products, but plans to expand the collaboration are well established by both parties.

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