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About BioGaia - BioGaia - Årsredovisning 2016

About BioGaia

Short facts

Business mission

BioGaia conducts research and development to provide consumers with clinically proven, health-promoting, patented and user-friendly probiotic products.


”Clinically Proven Probiotics”. Dietary supplements containing scientifically tested probiotics of a high quality that are sold in pharmacies and similar sales outlets. In most markets, the products are recommended by doctors or other healthcare professionals.


BioGaia’s vision is to be a ground-breaking leader in probiotics. BioGaia’s strategy rests on five cornerstones: Growth, Customer Focus, Operational Excellence, Innovation and Sustainability. It is based on the following:

  • Conducting high quality clinical studies.
  • Developing innovative new products and packaging solutions.
  • Providing our partners with effective support, among other things by participating in inter­national medical conferences, hosting seminars, training sales staff and providing marketing ­materials based on clinical studies.
  • Having dedicated and skilled employees who challenge the existing solutions.

BioGaia’s Class B share

 is listed on the Mid Cap list of Nasdaq Stockholm.


 in 1990 by Peter Rothschild and Jan Annwall.

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